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The value of silver will surge much higher relative to gold in the future. This is due to several factors:

0 Smashing Three Gold Standard Myths News to Gold Prices — Tags:  
In a scenario where there’s a total loss in confidence, central banks likely have to go back to a gold standard.

0 Ignore Yellen And Buy The Dip In Precious Metals News to Gold Prices — Tags:  
We all know how this story ends and those sure look like gold bars to me

0 James Rickards – What Do Central Bankers Know? News to Gold Prices — Tags:  
Author James G. Rickards joins the Power & Market Report - How did James come to his conclusion on gold?

0 Debt, Deficits & Economic Warnings – Lance Roberts News to Gold Prices — Tags:  
While the world has been focused on the Federal Reserve, the markets, and the upcoming election, few have noticed the expansion of the deficit in recent months

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