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Is this the Endgame? Join Mike Maloney in this extensive two-part conversation with George Gammon, host of the Rebel Capitalist Show, to hear what they think comes next - and what the average person can do do shield themselves from the financial insanity that prevails.
The impact of loose monetary policy could also lead to unintended consequences on asset performance and distort asset allocations for years to come. Additionally, widespread fiscal stimuli and ballooning government debt are raising concerns about a long-term run up of inflation.

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More than $1.5 billion of gold is smuggled out of Zimbabwe every year, depriving the cash-strapped economy of crucial foreign-exchange revenues, according to research organization International Crisis Group
This, in a nutshell, is how Wall Street works.
After Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin essentially ordered the central bank to shut down credit backstops such as the Main Street Lending Program, many experts expect Yellen would work with Fed Chair Jerome Powell immediately to revive its emergency lending programs and would even try to convince Congress that those programs need more fiscal support.

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