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Gold has been a prized commodity since its discovery thousands of years ago for its beautiful appearance and variety of uses. Here are just 25 of the most surprising facts about the yellow metal.
Only a few weeks after publishing last year’s Report we surpassed the resistance zone of around 1360 and gold entered a new phase of the bull market. We can expect new all-time high, also in US dollar terms. Looking at more recent days, we see that gold did exactly what it was supposed to do...
According to local media, the children — both around 10 years old — made the discovery when their family went to stay with an older relative in the French town of Vendome after lockdown measures were enforced in March.
one program that has been operational for the past eight months is the Fed’s Repurchase Agreement (repo loan) facility. It had funneled $6 trillion in emergency, below-market rate, revolving loans to Wall Street’s trading houses before the first case of coronavirus had appeared anywhere in the United States. It is likely to remain behind the Fed’s dark curtain forever under the excuse that it’s part of the Fed’s open market operations.

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Although painful, the solution to the 2020 economic recession is simple—uncover our problems, let prices adjust, and reallocate capital toward productive usages.

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