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0 Silver Spike Breaks Record – The Show News to Gold Prices — Tags:  
Why are premiums high recently? What are people buying? Where does a bullion industry insider see the market going? How does a bullion dealership operate? Join Mike Maloney as he checks in with Alex Daley, President of
Spot gold headed for back-to-back gains as investors weighed the outlook for the metal’s record-setting rally after this week’s dramatic price swings. Silver climbed the most in more than five years.Rising U.S. bond yields helped spark a sharp selloff in gold and silver Tuesday and early...

0 The "New Normal" Is De-Normalization News to Gold Prices — Tags:  
Everyone talks about the "New Normal," as if there's a guarantee that life will return to normal. But the "New Normal" is De-Normalization
Perhaps this is why Jerome Powell keeps telling us he is committed to creating inflation: so when it does arise he can say (in his best Pee Wee Herman voice), “I meant do that.”
“We’re not even thinking about thinking about” slowing the decline of the dollar’s purchasing power — and thereby labor’s purchasing power.

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