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0 10 simple ways to use less oil: GreenPeace Intl News to Gold Prices — Tags:  
1. Carpool, cycle or use public transport to go to work. 2. Choose, when possible, products packaged without plastic and recycle or re-use containers. 3. Buy organic fruits and vegetables (fertilisers and pesticides are based on oil more often than not). 4. Buy beauty products (shampoo, soap, make-up) based on natural ingredients, not oil. 5. Choose when possible locally produced products (less transport involved). 6. Buy clothes made out of organic cotton or hemp - not from oil derivatives. 7. Use non-disposable items in picnics and summer festivals. 8. Quit bottled water. 9. Fly less. 10. Demand that your government encourage renewable energy instead of subsidizing oil.

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