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0 1933 20 St Gaudens Gold Replica Coin

1933 20 St Gaudens Gold Replica Coin

When President Roosevelt ordered the return of all gold coinage to the Treasury, the entire legal tender mintage of 1933 $20 Gold Pieces was supposedly melted down. Then in early 1944, the Egyptian government applied for an export license for a 1933 $20 Gold Piece to be placed in the extensive collection of King Farouk. The application was mistakenly approved and the “coin which didn’t exist” was sent to Egypt. Fifty years later it was brought to the U.S. for sale and promptly seized by U.S. Treasury agents. The 1933 $20 Gold Piece was put away for safe keeping in the Treasury’s vaults in THE WORLD TRADE CENTER! Luckily, it was moved to Fort Knox before the terrorist attacks of September 11th. You can see why this incredible coin became the most expensive coin in the world at an auction in New York City when it sold for a record 7.6 million dollars! This is a U.S. Gov’t $20 Gold Piece as a 10 Mil Pure Gold Proof with Saint-Gauden’s magnificently engraved Miss Liberty in frosted relief on a mirror-like background on the obverse. The majestic American Eagle in flight in frosted relief on a mirror-like background on the reverse, and the magic 1933 date over the engraver’s initials.

Composition: 6 mil 24 KT Gold Clad Base
Condition: Proof

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