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0 1854 3 Indian Princess Gold BU Replica Coin

1854 3 Indian Princess Gold BU Replica Coin

This coin consist of a superbly crafted collector’s Proof. This coin is a mirror image of the original. Here’s the history of the 1854 $3 GOLD PIECE INDIAN PRINCESS HEAD COIN. The $3 gold piece was motivated by the flow of gold from the California gold rush. The $3.00 gold piece was authorized by the Act of February 21, 1853, with the coin first struck in 1854. The head on the obverse represents an Indian princess with hair tightly curling over the neck, head crowned with a circle of feathers, with the head band inscribed with ‘Liberty’. A wreath with tobacco, wheat, corn, and cotton is depicted on the reverse. In the year 1854, the word ‘Dollars’ appears in much smaller letters on the reverse of the coin. A genuine 1854 $3.00 gold piece in similar condition would be appraised at over AU$120,000.

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