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1 Even if Gold Prices drop, its worth having at any price

Its a nice sunny hot day here, i got a bit too much sun but it was golden all the same, probably why this is such a popular metal with it

I happened by chance to find a graph on about the latest downword trend in gold:

The writer mentions that he wont sell one gram at any price, which is correct – gold markets are manipulated.

Gata has an article out recently that mentions China wanting to buy all the gold that the IMF is selling:

The truth is they want something REAL as their reserve currency, now how many digits did they just add to the pound, euro and the dollar? You cant just do that with gold, its a real, tangible asset.   I suggest if you are going to invest in gold buy some real gold and not the fake ETFs (exchange traded funds) or futures (Would you buy gold in the future?  It doesn’t exist yet!)

Its a bit of cat and mouse the US and China are playing, on the one hand they are wanting to buy more gold, but the USA doesn’t want them to buy all the gold in the world, its a bit of hot potato they are playing with the dollar.  The problem is that the sys

What about the two japanese men, we dont even know if they were japanese, i suspect they were chinese.  They were caught trying to smuggle $134 billion dollars worth of USA Treasury notes into Switzerland – and were released with no charge not long after!  Its a bit of a strange headline the telegraph writes in “Is this the death of the dollar”

I personally see low gold prices as an opportunity, don’t dismay if you just bought loads then its went down – put it in perspective, its not a lot and remember gold is always worth something and every single currency of the world eventually goes to its real worth – which is zero – they want you to sell it so that you get some pieces of paper on it that says ‘this is worth blah’ when in fact its just a piece of paper or some digits on a computer.  The real worth is in people and hard assets – i dont keep my currency for long i always spend it on something tangible while i can, these days are fraught with the eCONomy and who knows when everything will blow up.  I know one thing for sure, if i’m in a hurry to get somewhere do i want to be lumping great big bags of silver, or portable lightweight pieces of gold worth 10x as much and much more recognisible? I’m not saying dont buy silver, its a good investment as well – just dont go mad with it and buy kilos of the stuff.

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  1. John says:

    Well said – time to load up before ‘t reaches d’ moon!

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