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6 How Much Can I Sell My 1gram Of Pure 999.9 Gold Base On Today Currently Market Price?

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also much of the 1gram pure gold make 1oz and what is the price to sell 1oz 999. 9 gold because i have a lot of those 1 gram gold that was left from my great grandparents and my grandprarent. so im not sure if today price is good enought to sell it or that i should keep it for a longer preiod, but then im afraid gold price might drop next year. so what u recommend?

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  1. blueridg says:

    Gold is Gold. People who deal with the metal know what they are doing. It does not need to be stamped or certified. Gold is measured in Troy Ounces and that is a big differance than what you pay for a loaf of bread. 12 oz. = 1 pound or 480 grains. Too often the gold is mixed with other metals and a scratch test is made to assay the purety. Streak the gold against a smooth black rock and drop a drip of nitric acid on it. what remains is Gold and can be compared with a streak of known pure gold. The additional weight is lost in the transaction. A Gram is a metric measurement and is 1/1000 of a kilogram. 1 kilo equals 2.2 pounds. 1 gram equals .035 Ounces.
    When selling Gold demand the price on the market. Every dealler will discount the price for reasons of processing fees. You DO NOT allow this. The dealer will make money regardless of the fees. The profit on Gold is 300% if you know the business.

  2. llazyies says:

    dont go to a pawn shop- go to a coin shop.. they buy / sell gold in many forms.
    or sell it on ebay.. market will set the price.
    i’d hold it..$1000 gold is not far off.
    there’s always a discount from spot price when you trade gold- no one works for free. a fee for buying or selling.

  3. eldvb says:

    Today’s gold price is at $869.10 per troy oz. (31.104 grams make one troy ounce), making each gram currently valued at $27 to $28. 2008 is supposed to be a good year for Gold. I would sell it now, but you may want to read up alittle more about the forecast of gold trading to make your decision. Gold is at one of the highest levels ever. Good Luck!

  4. blinik22 says:

    Look on this site to see the daily price of GOLD then take it to a pawnshop and they will buy your small piece of gold.

  5. einstein says:

    Divide the grams into 1 ounces. 1 gram equals 0.035 oz. U.S.
    0.035 U.S. oz this is not Troy
    100 grams equals 3.527 Oz.
    1 kilo = 2.2046 U.S. pounds
    Do not mix apples and oranges. The market is priced in the U. S. system.
    It takes 1,000 grams to make a kilo.
    It takes 2204.60 grams to make a pound and a pound is 16 ounces.
    50 grams is 50 X 0.035 = 1.75 oz.
    50 grams is $457.14 if Gold is $800 per oz.
    1 gram is $9.14
    Remember. Do not allow a discount when selling.

  6. duckinhi says:

    an oz is 28 grams and an oz is ruffly 810-840 us. last i looked so its only like 30$ some say golds gonna double but it to remember them.

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