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7 If A Bag And Gold Were 999 Pounds Each Exactly 3 Feet Away On Opposite Sides And You Were In Space. You Would:

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a. acceleration in the direction of the bag gold
B. Acceleration towared bag duck feathers
C. Accelerated two bags
d. rocking back and forth between the two pockets
E. continue to be suspended between two pockets
In the D and E.. which is correct?

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  1. Vincent G says:

    E is correct. If you were to get closer to either one of the object, the gravitational pull of the one closer would get stronger, while the one on the other side would get weaker, making you drift closer to the nearer one still.

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  3. BNP says:

    999lb bag of duck feathers – 3ft – you – 3 ft – 999 lb of gold?
    If so, the net result would be (mostly) the bags accelerating towards each other and squishing you.

  4. cutepups says:

    uhm. idk. in space ur weightless n theirs no friction so if u were to move, ud keep moving 4 ever and not stop cuz theres not friction. so u n the gold would just kinda b siting there unless someone/thing gave u a push.

  5. Richard R says:

    You seem to have left out part of this question. Where did the duck come from? And who pulled out its feathers? Whatever your problems with writing the question correctly, since both masses are the same E would be the best answer.

  6. mrzha says:

    E. They have the same weight , being the same mass, therefore they’re pulling on you with the same magnitude of force in opposite directions.

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