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1 US Gold Coins: Get Them Into Your Collection

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It is always a wiser choicer to go for gold coined rather than gold bars or jewelry when the point is to store gold. It is possible at the knock down price of $40 and it is easier to be stored, hiding it in somewhere or locking it in bank.
There are plenty to choose from when embarking on such a prospect. The krugerrand of South Africa, the sovereign of UK and Australia the American eagle the Canadian maple leaf or the Chinese panda. The most easily accessible gold coins are the eagles and the sovereigns and thus it is always advisable to go for them when starting a collection. However it should be noted that there is no convention regarding weights and measures of gold coins. Thus individual value of coins depend on the weight and size of them. The more they are the more valuable they are. Today the metric measure of gold is usually followed all over the world. Previously it was troy ounce or a specific part of an ounce. The purest kind of gold coin is 999 of 1000, which are very rare. Usually they are 917 gold out of 1000. The rest is usually some other metal, which makes it more convenient while minting.
If you are keen to buy gold coins from internet or from any other source always be aware that a lot of forgery occurs in this trade and thus it is always better to be ready with all the relevant information. In an authentic gold coin, the name, make and type will always be mentioned. While buying online you have a right to see the picture of the coin on the net before buying it. The actual cost of the coin will include the price quoted by the seller, his margin and taxes wherever applicable. Remember no one can guarantee a coin to be the best in the world for sale. It mostly depends on personal taste.
One kind of gold coin collecting is gold bullion collecting. It means collecting gold coins from all over the world. These are done by people who are enamored by the beauty of various kinds of gold coins. Silver and other metals like platinum are also available for instance the kukabura, noble or koala. The US alone mints more than a million gold coins annually.
The maximum security for the buyers can be guaranteed only by those companies which deal in bullions this is because the transactions are private and non-reportable. For instance one very trusted gold coin is that bearing the image of Saint Gaudens. These are eagles of $20 pricing which was minted from 1907-33. On the reverse side it has the ling cherished American design of the eagle’s nest. These are mist dependable when it comes to size and weight.
Looking through the history of numismatics one cannot but wonder the origin of coins. We can only guess about this. The most possible guess is it was used at it s inception as a legal tender only for paying civil servants. These were composed of tiny bits of metal. Most possibly they were tremendously hoarded in those early days more so when their circulation increased towards the 6th century B. C. E. It was then that fractional denominations were introduced for popular use while bigger denominations remained for bigger commercial concerns.
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