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3 Where Can I Sell A One-ounce, .999 Pure Gold Bar Around The Spot Price Of Gold?

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I tried calling coin shops and jewelers and they would only give me $600 (or roughly 95% of gold’s current spot price, $632/oz). All of the online precious metals companies buy gold in bulk (minimum = 10 oz). And I don’t feel comfortable making such a large transaction on eBay after having a few bad experiences buying/selling tickets to sporting events.
Is there anywhere that I would be able to sell my gold bullion for at least $620?

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  1. I ♥ AUG says:

    If you want $620, but you’ve already found someone who will give you $600, why don’t you just take the $600. Surely all the hassle you will need to go through to find someone who will buy it for $620 can’t possibly be worth the extra $20!
    ~ ♥ ~

  2. lithium6 says:

    There isn’t much risk if you just sell it on ebay. Just mail it certified with insurance after you’re paid

  3. Heinz M says:

    Check eBay. I sold four 1 oz bars about 6 months ago and got $50.00 more than the then spot price. Still have the guys name I sold it to and he is still buying (in Iceland!).

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