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3 In Hyderabad(india) Where Can I Get .999 Pure Gold Bars? ?

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If any one know the address please let me know.
Thanks for your help!

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  1. Robert S says:

    Who would want gold bars unless you are into jewelry making and such. If that is the case you might go through some large jewelry making firm or bullion supplier. For investing, it isn’t a good choice because even with stamped gold bars, you have to pay an analysis fee before you can cash them in, For investing the gold coin such as the S. African Krugerrand Gold Coin (1.00 oz.) $837.70 is a better deal. This was copied from website Bullion Direct. There are many more sites which may offer a better deal.

  2. P R says:

    You can try in the Banks like ICICI Bank, Indian Bank for small quantity and for large quantity try in Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation (MMTC) which is a Govt. organisation that sells gold to the traders officially.

  3. surya s says:

    ICICI bank sells gold as a comoddity . for that purity of gold you must go to a bank only

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