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2 I Got A 2006 .999 Silver Proof That Is Layered In 24k Gold Any Info On It?

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It is a from the Washington Mint it has a certificate that says it 1 of 10,000 it’s an ounce of fine . 999 silver laced with 24k gold they sell them on the Washington mint web site but they don’t say anything about them I was wondering how much is this worth

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Your coin is not worth much. it is only worth the silver content in the coin. And unfortunately the gold the coin is coated in is so thin that its not really worth anything. So right now a ounce of silver is $13.95. So the coin is worth roughly that.
    Hope I Helped!!

  2. MikeJ says:

    My guess is that it’s worth slightly less than the price of an ounce of silver, which is now at $13.73.
    You can use ebay as an indicator of the typical resale value of these types of products:“washin…

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