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10 Silver Coins – Generic .999 Silver Round Verses The .999 American Silver Eagle Round

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This video wasn’t made to step on anyone’s feet or to hurt anyones pride. But it was made to rattle a few cages out there in the Silver Market. Remember my slogan, “Silver is Silver is Silver”. Thi. . .

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  1. ForTehNguyen says:

    I bought several 5oz and 10oz rounds from APMEX the other day. I dont see much reason to get silver eagles or maple leafs, the over spot price is noticeably more than APMEX rounds. They sure are pretty tho.

  2. WhyMeWhySilver says:

    LOL! Yeah they are ForTeh! But they also are subject to being melted down in time to come.

  3. debinchemicals says:

    The voice of reason, Like you said Silver is Silver

  4. stermr says:

    Yeah, thanks for your time to reply.

  5. stermr says:

    If such crisys occur, would the gas station give you more gas with nice ASE in plastic rather than lets say ugly 1oz chip off cut from 100oz bar?

  6. WhyMeWhySilver says:

    Hi stermr, I get that question at times. In my opinion, there might would come a point that a chip off the 100oz would be welcomed. Let’s think! Only a small percentage of people even invest in silver or even think a crisis might occur. So in my using a little horse sense, that makes it understandable that there would be a heavy shortage of silver since most won’t have it. It may also turn out that those nice ASE’s(even the generics)would be melted down to a common smaller weight coin, continued

  7. WhyMeWhySilver says:

    I say this because we have to consider that even merchants would not want confusion in having to sort out many types of different coins and having to recognize them. This is me only thinking as if I was a merchant. In my viewing a youtube video ID called mustangjake2073 you’ll see that the refineries don’t discriminate between coins that’s headed to the smelter. So….my guess is that easy distinguishable coins would be stuck making them easier to recognize by the merchant. This is my opinion.

  8. emitt1 says:

    Yeap, sorry, private mints. Are any more preferred than others?

  9. WhyMeWhySilver says:

    Hi emitt….sorry so late! My fought! Well….as for the Private Mints, lots of people like the early Engelhard, A-Mark, Sunshine, U.S. Assay Office, and SilverTowne are some of your popular Private Mint Rounds struck in the early 80’s. I even like the American Pacific Mints Rounds, or the World Wide Mint Rounds. Now days there’s the APMEX, NorthWest Territory, Pan American, and lot’s of coins with different artwork with the obverse of U.S. Coins like the Morgan, and Standing Liberty.

  10. WhyMeWhySilver says:

    Wow! It went through hehe. You must have corrected it. :>)

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