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10 Silver Coins (.999) And Bars-numismatic Ase’s Or Cheaper Generic .999 Rounds And Bars? Which Ones?

. 999 Silberm? Nzen and St? Was investing in numismatic. 999 Silberm? Nzen and St? Software or you invest inside. Silver 999? W? Rden you rather buy generic 7. 999 UML? Purchases f? R price of 6 ASE 's. Silver is S.

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  1. orangecrush21 says:

    Someone tell me how I did. I bought a $140 face value bag of pre 1965 %90 U.S. silver coins totaling 100 ounces of silver for $1454.60 + $35 shipping.

  2. SouthernLibertyAmer says:

    I’d say that anytime you purchase silver, you’ve done well! I think you done well! Don’t stop there. Everytime you get a chance….buy!Mike

  3. HaggaiVS8 says:

    You’re like the grandfather I never had. Great video! 1st: I have ASE’s Canadians (9999) 🙂 10oz bars, and 90% coins. A good mixture of all. In a SHTF moment do you think that ASE and other government issues including 90% coins being they are more recognizable will be easier to barter with? I’m talking strictly black market. Not selling back to coin shops. As if those guys will be closed down in SHTF or hold you at gun point during entire transaction b/c things are so bad. So ASE’s better?

  4. SouthernLibertyAmer says:

    Haggai……did I respond to you about htis comment by inbox? I’m sorry if I don’t remember. But I was just checking. So get back with me and tell me. :>)

  5. HaggaiVS8 says:

    No not yet. Can’t wait to here your your thoughts.take care.

  6. WhyMeWhySilver says:

    Buy you some small coin bags. Get in touch with me by inbox if you’d like some. In these small bags you can take only the amount of coins you’ll need to barter with. I carry one with me all of the time and show many young people what silver coinage looks like and explain to them that silver use to back our currency.

  7. WhyMeWhySilver says:

    With these you can intoduce silver to others without getting tyour silver mixed up with your modern sandwiched coins. LOL! Young people think it’s cool as they watch you pour silver out of a small monry pouch hehe!

  8. HaggaiVS8 says:

    I read all your post. Thanks for the info.

  9. WhyMeWhySilver says:

    I have another channel under (WhyMeWhySilver) 1st. We have to ask ourselves. If only 5% of Americans invest in Silver, how will the ASE be the most recognized? :>) 2nd. Silver has it’s own unique ring to it when tapped. 3rd. I’m almost positive that the acid test kits will become well known(do you have an acid test kit?). 4th. 90% U.S. Coinage will be easily recognized because people will KNOW that it’s money and it is marked so. 5th. Never take large quantities of silver if you have to barter!

  10. eileenmarie11 says:

    Thanks Mike. I appreciate the time you put in to this wonderfully educational video. Keep ’em coming please!

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