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0 The Investor’s Guide to Buying Gold

Ask the demand for gold is soaring, and analysts predict that the price of $ 2000 a Unzesperre at a particular time can break down. "If you want gold, an inherent and potentially increase the value of an investment, your first option for gold bars or coins, which over the counter in a gold or Edemetallbarren dealers" can be purchased – the telegraph, in November 2008. Demand for gold rose to $ 102bn in 2008, which increased almost one third compared with the previous year. The main demand for gold for the manufacture of jewelry (jewelry), in industrial applications, including medicine and electronics, in governments and central banks, for their Beamtreserven and private investors have increased. The fair value of the gold-gold is the most popular type of precious metal compared to other, if it comes to investing. It was first discovered as shining, yellow nuggets. Gold is seen as an important raw material in the whole history has seen. It is in Troy ounces and measured the price of gold is usually at the expense of one ounces expressed out. An ounce is 31st 1 gram or equivalent. 07 pounds. "Gold coins are a big investment decision makers in times of economic uncertainty, a monetary expert has proposed views. "- Gold. org is the gold by investors as a safe haven during times of economic crisis have been used. It is characterized as a "safe haven" and should be part of any intelligent investor is the portfolio. New customers will be daily gold, not only for its beauty, but plated in gold, the unique private, personal and moving way to do it, something real to hold wealth. Bullion coins over the last twenty years is the most liquid, divisible, and the current form of a gold ingot has become global, and they have a much more positive "spread" which Edemetallbarrenstäbe. In the U.S., only the smartest way to buy gold, if you have physical possession of Edemetallbarrens will take. Gold is good in a downturn and the recent recession has been no other. Recently, shares in global stock markets, to $ 14 trillion in lost value and safe havens like gold an attractive choice for low-risk investments. Gold never goes to zero value, while many other investments have this opportunity. Likewise, the family home, not as an investment should be seen, the gold is not really an investment in itself, rather it is a form of saving for a rainy day or the financial assurances. It should be owned by, or with a secure third party to be saved and do not like stocks and traded. It is not an insurance policy, and thus as a form of financial insurance, physical gold should not be traded. Gold bars is the most important asset in the safe harbor and a good way, if not the best way to ensure prosperity for the conservation and preservation of wealth from one generation to the next. When the solid bottom-side or core holding of gold ingot in a folder is reached, when other investments such as gold mining shares and funds and other more speculative gold investments to be considered. Buying gold, gold you verify that you buy, if the gold you buy hall marked with a certain weight and authenticity confirmed. A very reliable private supplier of pure gold 999th 9 is a company in Switzerland, Agro-Heraeus. You have dealers all over the world, the choice to buy gold bars and coins and silver Edemetallbarrens type, individually or in mass. They also offer an opportunity to ensure that all is one of their dealers.

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