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Gold Prices – We have compared our own comparisons with regard to prices and quality of our gold gold in relation to other species. This price on July 10, 2009. Remember, all gold, silver and other official currency is legal tender remains government property. They are just "carriers". Whereas privately purchased gold and silver is still the owner of the property. * 31 1 g = 1 Troy YOUnique – All Shekel coins Switzerland – single license including a premium pure gold (. 9999) fineness, 11 4 grams in weight and 27 00 mm diameter. More than 1 thirds of a Troy Oz, 999th 9 Certified $ 461 x 3 = $ 1383 £ 853rd 23 GBP per 1oz. $ 1383 USD per 1oz. 995. 87 euro per 1oz. British Sovereign – The 2009 Royal Mint Proof Gold Sovereign – legal tender. 22 Carat Gold Price £ 299 Weight 7th 99 GMS 31st 1 g / 7 99 = 3. 89 GMS £ 299 x 3 89 = £ 1163 £ 1163 pounds per 1oz. 1885th $ 76 USD per 1oz. 1357. € 53 per 1oz. American Exchange American Eagle gold coins – the legal tender. 24 carat 91st 67% gold, silver and copper to harden and protect them from damage. 971st $ 08 Argor Private Heraeus gold store. Buy gold coins, the amount of gold investment is a personal decision, but most commentators recommend anything from 5 to 25% of your assets should be in gold. We also encourage the purchase of gold regularly once a month, like you would with a savings account. We offer a savings facility AutoSave. Auto save is a "set and forget" monthly savings plan, if a colleague or client can save in real, tangible form. You will be able to gold to your home or delivered in a private vault. It is reasonable to a certain physical gold market in your hands. The ratio is up to you to decide. Small gold bars and gold coins is the best option. They can be traded small gold coin (or gold) in YOUnique. This company is reliable, with great experience. We sell. 9999 Swiss Certified real gold. Gold is highly liquid and can be quickly in times of monetary stress. Gold has a history that never loses its value. Save for a rainy day "is a good choice to work with gold. Hey, why not more money by selling gold? Full details here. NOTE: All figures and comparisons of information. We recommend that you use your own research to make your own investment and savings decisions.

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