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2 1 Oz Swiss Pamp Gold Bullion Bar 24k Pure .999 Gold

1 Oz Swiss Pamp Gold Bullion Bar 24k Pure .999 Gold

Product Description
Swiss Pamp Gold Bars
Made of the Finest Quality Gold WORLDWIDE! – – “YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CONTINUE TO PUT YOUR TRUST IN PAPER CURRENCY FIGHT THE WALL STREET CRISIS BY INVESTING IN GOLD WHILE PRICES ARE LOW!!!” – – The Swiss Gold PAMP Bars, also known as the ‘Gold Dream’ PAMP Bars, are made in Switzerland and contain only the finest gold with each bar having one full ounce of . 999 fine gold. – – Guaranteed Certified Coins – Each Swiss gold bar is stamped to the exact weight of one troy ounce and is then certified and sealed before they ever leave the refinery for your safety and protection. These gold bars have an attractive and modern design that is loved and adored by both gold bullion collectors and investors alike. – – Distinguished Excellence – PAMP stands for Produits Artistiques de Métaux Précieux, which is a refinery in Castel San Pietro, Switzerland. This refinery of gold, silver, and platinum, was first established years ago in 1977, and it is now acknowledged across the world as one of the leading gold refineries. The PAMP brand is also identified worldwide as a guarantee of excellence and sound provenance. – – Banking Security – The one of a kind, Swiss PAMP trademark is known and accepted by gold sellers and traders all across the world, making the Swiss Gold PAMP Bar easy to sell and trade among collectors. These high quality Swiss Gold bars are a great investment featuring the elite, unique PAMP features and stunning designs. – – These PAMP bars are the most luxurious gold bars we have ever offered. We love the beautiful design of the Swiss PAMP Gold Bars, and we also love the high quality and security that was put into each and every one of them. – – –
~3rd Coast Solutions, LLC.

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  1. Kaethe says:

    Pamps are beautiful bullion, but the prices listed here on Amazon as of this writing are about 45% over spot gold prices! There are several reputable online dealers where one can purchase Pamps for about 5% over spot gold price. Do your research!!

  2. Probert says:

      I have a lot of this gold? Seen as an investment to protect themselves against the U.S. dollar. For example, I paid $ 980 today (and gold was up 2% today!) In $ 1398 in this Amazon Markt Work? Ufer. Unless you fuck over your money, buy elsewhere.

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