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6 Can Anyone Recommend Gold Coins For A Collector?

My boyfriend collects coins and I was hoping to add something to his collection for his birthday. I don’t know much about it, but I know he only has one gold coin and he wants to expand that. I want to get him something interesting as well as valuable. He wanted a $50 gold proof with an Indian on one side and a buffalo on the other. Its . 999 pure gold MS70 and it’s going for 700 dollars atleast online. I can’t afford something that expensive.
I am looking for a list of coins and hopefully links so I can see what they look like. Preferably gold and U. S. coins. Thanks!

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  1. Taiping says:

    Gold coins are not inexpensive and the new ones coming out are not collector coins but investor coins. They will only go up in value if gold goes up. If you want one of these items they do make tenth of an ounce and 1/4 of an ounce bullion coins that are not to bad in price. See a coin dealer. He may also have some 2 1/2 or $5 gold coins that were made to be used as money, in grade fine or very fine for $150.00 and up. At least these are collectors items. I have one gold coin, it is a doubloon and I bought it years ago, just to have a coin that might have been stolen by a pirate. They cost to much for me to buy one today. Your best bet, see some coin dealers.

  2. TheGener says:

    Kruugerands are pure gold investment coins, i have some.

  3. Lighthouse 002 says:

    I know of one site which is very good & prices are reasonable..good luck You may also try local dealers listed in your yellow pages

  4. prusa123 says:

    Look at the American Eagles on the U.S. Mint web site…
    or visit a gold bullion dealer locally and see for yourself.

  5. Jim m says:

    here’s a link to ebay coins how to buy. ebay is one of the best places anywhere to get the best prices on rare coins

  6. da_hamme says:

    Show him your intelligence by not buying gold when its real high but instead wait for it to go down to reasonable levels.

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