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10 Fable 2 – Mod Unlimited Gold And Renown And Bypass The Checksum – 720p Hd

Mod the xbox 360 video game Fable 2 and bypass the checksum security in the gamesave.

Incrementally adjust your Gold/Money and Renown stats without having to reconfigure the checksum security. Ove. . .

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  1. OMGunknownOMG says:

    never mind i fixed it, also how much is the max gold your allowed on live?

  2. playinghalotoday says:

    Read the description.

  3. RobboRowe says:

    nah i ain’t you wrote on your more info something completely different to what you do on video :S

  4. playinghalotoday says:

    Whatever you say… We’re wrong, you’re right. Yet you’re the one with all the problems that cannot get this to work.Good luck.

  5. itsjoshy21 says:

    hey did u go half evil and half good?

  6. WhiteTiger7789 says:

    you gotta tell me how you got such good quality on this vid, its the best ive evr see on youtube

  7. RobboRowe says:

    nah mate its garbage it corrupts it if i only use hash block calculator

  8. playinghalotoday says:

    Then you are obviously doing something wrong.

  9. OMGunknownOMG says:

    jesus the quality of this video is amazing…

  10. playinghalotoday says:

    You ONLY have to use the hash block calculator, and DO NOT have to use any other rehashers / resigners.Otherwise, it’s possible you messed with the checkum.If you add any additional digits to the gamesave, the checksum will become invalid.You ONLY want to REPLACE digits.

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