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10 Gold Coins: The Difference In Purity Of Gold Coins

I explain the difference in your purities of Gold Coins. These coins are your most common Gold Coins that are most known as . 999 Fine Gold (24kt) Foreign Government Issued Gold Coins, . 9167 Fine G. . .

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  1. ForTehNguyen says:

    dont go too nuts with gold, silver is undervalued the most. I tried to shoot for 70/30 ratio of silver/gold. I would rather get the fractions of an ounce pieces like the 1/2 oz etc.

  2. lucky43113 says:

    viewed good info thanks

  3. drbcrb says:


  4. my1956effie says:

    Viewed. Gold is gold the same as silver is silver.

  5. sizzlot says:

    Viewed. Thanks, Mike. There’s a lot of confusion about gold coins. Just a note: A.G.E. was minted to the same specifications as the Kruggerand; both are 22k. Those 20 franc coins are interesting. A lot of European countries had 0.1867 coins. It must have been real convenient for traveling because 20 francs in France = 20 francs in Switzerland = 20 lire in Italy = 20 zloty in Poland = 20 francs in Austria, etc. Too bad the crooks worldwide killed the gold standard.Happy Independence Day!

  6. WhyMeWhySilver says:

    I stand corrected sizz. You are right. The Krugerand is 22kt. Just one of my booh boohs here and there. And you have a nice 4th of July also. :<)

  7. WhyMeWhySilver says:

    Yep…you’re right. He’s wealthy enough to have left the U.S. and convert his U.S. dollar into other currencies. He’s a BIG player in the Commodities Market. Oh….this guy is SO smart! :>)

  8. WhyMeWhySilver says:

    Hi xle! You understand correctly. The silver and copper are pure also. They are just added to the 24kt gold to harden the coins. You had one full oz of pure gold and the other alloys (silver and copper) were added to the one oz of 24kt gold which made the 24kt, not as pure (so to speak). Because of the other alloys, it is now on a scale of 22kt gold. Just like 14kt gold jewelry is. That’s because you have a larger content of alloys inside the gold reducing it even further down. Same with 10kt.

  9. axishans says:


  10. binky4647 says:


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