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10 Heavy Ring Made Of Pure Gold

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Although this ring is made of 999 fineness gold, it doesn’t get out of shape that easily ‘coz it’s thick and heavy.

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  1. Due4Revolution says:

    14k Gold is considered scrap. 22k or better (24k is the max @ 99.99 pure) is considered Bullion. That is what I am talking about.

  2. vincentyeo88 says:

    14K scrap gold has some resale value when the price of gold is high.

  3. jimbob202019 says:

    i’ve got a gold bar at 500g 999.9 from asia and thats pure gold noway is that pure gold its not rich enough with colour too be 24 it looks about 18ct or sovrin gold 22ct but i mean it looks like its got hallmarks so im sure theirs no way of fakein them lol but gold is through the roof so this would be a gd buy but only at a gd content eg 22ct or higher or i guess 18ct lol

  4. vincentyeo88 says:

    thank you for writing to me and sharing this information.please do not worry so much about the color tone as long as the genuine hallmarks are there. bring your ingot to any bank or good coin shop to authenticate it for you.

  5. DirzoRasec says:

    This does not pass the smell test to me. First, the color looks like 14k gold. Second, if it really weighs more than 9 grams it be filled with tugsken, which is almost identical with gold except if color – has the same density as gold; hence, could match the weight.

  6. vincentyeo88 says:

    you don’t need to get too technical to sell a small piece of gold don’t need to get too critical about this gold item ‘coz this video is made for the viewing pleasure of my friends and customers.just like i’d said before, that gold ring had already been sold for a good price and the money had already been well spent, heehee!

  7. DirzoRasec says:

    Cool. I’ve seen solid gold bars that were said to be .999 pure, then upon further investigation, it turned out that the inner core was tugsken. I just can’t get over the color, Im sure you’ve seen 24k.

  8. catoon95 says:

    haha how heavy ?

  9. catoon95 says:


  10. vincentyeo88 says:


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