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10 Mysterious Cities Of Gold Medallion

Limited to 999, expensive and hard to get.

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  1. archvedek says:

    great piece of jewelry

  2. BaronDuxbury says:

    I want one!!

  3. fabuser says:

    Great news for USA FANS !! At last the Mysterious Cities of Gold complete series will be released in the “USA” on DVD April 7th. All 39 episodes – same company that released it in the UK Fabulous Films is releasing here !

  4. AnnaSartin says:

    I want one!!! I can’t imagine how much it must cost, though!

  5. MRCAB says:

    eBay. about $70-$80.

  6. Tebesile says:

    I have one of these! It cost a bloody fortune!

  7. SerenaBlackCat says:

    I never even knew they had medallions like that let alone figurines…I would have loved those when I was a kid…and to think I was stuck with little plastic cowboys and Indians (and the cowboys were the bad guys)

  8. ferretmaster22 says:

    how do ya order one of these??????

  9. Sesshomaru26000 says:

    when i was a kid i wanted one of those so bad! i just ordered one i cant wait for it to come!

  10. djtarantula87 says:

    Je le Veuxfoncé tous les Grater a dragon toys  ya moyen

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