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0 Difference Between 999.9 & 999.0 Purity In Gold?

Purity is generally expressed as a percentage. In gold, the 3 digit index which may or may not have one decimal number is called millesimal fineness or “fineness measured up to the thousandths decimal place”. A millesimal fineness of 999. 9 is superior since it is actually 99. 99% pure and is closer to 100% than 999. 0 (99. 90%) such that the . 01% impurity may simply be oxide that accumulates on the surface like any metal that comes in contact with air or the elements. It may be removed by simple washing or polishing.
The common measure of Gold Purity is in “Karats” (or K). The Formula for K is the total mass of gold in a material divide by total mass of the material Multiplied by 24. When this value approaches 24 (or commonly, 24K) the higher the purity.
Another example is 18K which is equal to 75. 00% purity and 750. 0 millesimal fineness.

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