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22 Does It Worry You That Gold Is Up To $ 999 An Ounce?

It worries me. It shows Main Street and Wall Street don’t believe Obama and Pelosi have a CLUE about Economic Policy.
While Obama can fake out his followers he can’t fake out Main Street Investors and he can’t fake out Wall Street.
Isn’t it time for everyone to say OBAMA has FAILED that his Campaign Rhetoric was just that Rhetoric for your VOTE?
Isn’t it time for everyone to say OBAMA never had a Plan for our Economy, that he only talked about how bad it was?

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  1. At Least Hussein Kept us Safe says:

    yes it sure does.
    You are right. Obama has no clue what to do other than he knows how to destroy the US economy via socialism.

  2. Roll_Tid says:

    I don’t know about the rest of it but to say OBAMA never had a Plan for our Economy, is an understatement. I think after he gave his victory speech in Chicago he went back stage and said “oh $h|t what now!”
    All he talks about was “I have a plan” but never gave enough details for scrutiny.

  3. Memphis_ says:

    If Obama Hussein, loves his country…..he will resign.
    If not…the people who own the economy…will replace our government.
    And for the intrinsically gay…and idiotic:
    Even Clinton…is telling your President he’s an idiot. And its posted on the frontpage Democratic news?
    “Bill Clinton urges Obama to talk optimistically about the economy”
    You guys are homos. Once this economy fails…your all dead.
    @rip America – 99% of the black race…voted for this idiot. Society….is not going to treat you….gently.

  4. shepherd says:

    You’re right on all your points. I believe this is part of the lefts agenda. The more the market tanks, the more the average American investor losses. Either in their 401k, their own investments or in their confidence in the economy. There’s a saying, “if you’re long gold, you’re short America”.

  5. Mordent says:

    OK, let’s assume Obama has failed.
    Now what? Throw him out of power? Ignore the mandate of the people who voted for him? Launch a coup? Bring back Bush and make him World Emperor?
    Have you got a candidate who can solve an incredibly deep and complex multinational (i.e. will have to do something that can affect the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, China…) problems in 6 weeks?
    Have you? Thought not.

  6. RU Quazee says:

    That price is no surprise, considering.…
    When it hits $2000, then it’s time to worry, because at that point if you don’t have what you need to survive this administration, it’s too late.

  7. zaza 1ST GRANDCHILD 2/2010!!! says:

    Same thing happened when Carter was President. The market remained stagnant during his term in office. People invested in gold, fine art and real estate.
    I am very worried about my investments. We were told to leave them where they are but when I read our statements it scares the hell out of me……as I am sure it does everyone else.

  8. Badger66 says:

    Nope my portfolio is currently Gold heavy and doing well thank you very much. If you were not smart enough to adjust appropriately to the election of a economically challenged President then I guess you have to hang on for the ride.
    BUY GOLD NOW!!!!!

  9. Zac says:

    It took Bush 8 years to get the economy this bad and you all want to bash Obama for not fixing it in a month? Whatever you do, don’t rush to judgment…..

  10. misty194 says:

    Obama is going to destroy this economy. The stock market is heading for 6,000. There’s no confidence in his plans because they won’t work, they’re just a redistribution of wealth.

  11. majgross says:

    Not worried at all. In the short run we’ll make do and in the long run we’ll all be dead. These market problems and corrections will outlive the Obama four year administration.

  12. change deez nuts says:

    yes because i need to buy more. i need to loot my 401 k before Obama and Pelosi/frank ,schumer reid crash the Markets and send us into a global depression

  13. Pelosi & Lefts Ruined California says:

    Soon this evil govt will invade our homes taking our gold- I would not be surprised. Good thing I hate gold and don’t have any.

  14. Andrea says:

    I wish I would have bought gold a few years ago. When our money is only worth the paper it was printed on, gold will be the only thing with any value.

  15. im_foxyg says:

    It shows that Bush has devalued the dollar so much that nobody has confidence in it.

  16. Max says:

    It will worry me more when it goes down to $666/oz

  17. Retired navy 1972 - 1992 says:

    I pan for gold as a hobby, I have almost 800 oz in the last 5 years. I’m loving it.

  18. Yggdrasi says:

    Golly, my gold has increased in value…thank God for the Krugerrand.

  19. Old Goat says:

    nope. no faith in currency. that’s what this means

  20. chinabli says:

    Our money is not tied to gold, it is only a promise.

  21. Eman says:

    Jeez…he hasn’t even been in for a month.
    Don’t you think you’re a little premature in your assessment?…
    Anyway…Gold was up around that price 6 months ago…which completely invalidates your already invalid point

  22. csunharl says:

    Your anti-American screed should worry just about every thinking person. Mr. Obama inherited the mess left by the GOP and he is taking steps to fix the problem.

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