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6 Silver And Gold: I Invite You To My New Channel Whymewhysilver!

I’m inviting all SouthernLibertyAmer Subscribers over to my new channel, “WhyMeWhySilver”. The SouthernLibertyAmer Channel will stay active because of my video library of Precious Metals Videos. To. . .

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  1. actop19 says:

    I must of missed this vid, I was wondering what happened to you.

  2. axishans says:

    Very Good!!

  3. halfasheep says:

    Just don’t go buying groceries with yer silver live on yer new channel Mike. YT does not like that.

  4. peanutscoins says:

    You have always give us great information, if you want good pertinent information, join the whymesilver channel.

  5. davincij15 says:

    Cool, you are looking good have you been working out or dieting or something?

  6. SouthernLibertyAmer says:

    Surely not dieting D15 LOL! And definitely not working out! Although I should be :>)

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