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5 90% Silver And .999 Ase Requested As Payment Under Ga. Hb 430 As Payments To The State In 2011 Pt 2

90% Silver and . 999 ASE requested as payment under Ga. HB 430 as payments to the State in 2011 Pt 2

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  1. ozziindaus says:

    what would the exchange rate of Eagles be for dollars? Face value? A manipulated COMEX spot? Fair market (unlikely)? I think it’s a terrible idea for the government to interfere with Silver in private hands. Besides it’s impossible to stabalise the economy or the financial situation of the US becuase there simply is not enough Silver out there. Even though it’s constitutional, it’s too late. I will not sell silver back to the governement…unless ofcourse they pay me $10,000/oz

  2. SouthernLibertyAmer says:

    There’s lots of questions I’m thinking of also. But…if this happens then a 1 oz silver coin would be as a gold 1 oz is today. You’ll be buying smaller weights of silver coins on ebay because of silver being scarce…I guess. :>)

  3. emzirek says:

    But you have to realise that the powers that be don’t want this to happen. They want to bankrupt all of us so they can get their grubby little hands on all we think is ours.

  4. actop19 says:

    You almost know Ron Paul would support this, and I am betting Mike Pence would lend support also. Great vids, this is the first I have heard of it.

  5. ohio1998 says:

    Hello AC!  We meet again. A pullback is happening in the metals. I’m looking to buy next week.

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