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10 Silver Bullion Collection Uk

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http://www. DigBreamer. com

Fine 999 silver bullion Bars available in the UK at DigBreamer. com

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  1. Danster82 says:

    Its such an arse buying silver for us brits with the 15% tax Americans dont know how good they got it. I still buy as an investment even with the tax.

  2. ObamaTheDeception says:

    the real men have gold…

  3. VentrueAccolyte says:

    that’, is a crap ton of silver.

  4. stuntpea says:

    I preffer saving up and buying 1kilo bars because it works out a bit cheaper. I’d love to buy a 5kilo bar because it’s about £100 cheaper than buying 5 individual kilo bars.Bars don’t look half as pretty as coins though.

  5. lisajason111 says:

    LOL before he put his hands on it I thought those are messive bullions in 10Kg a piece at least laying on the floor LMAO

  6. aceofhearts86 says:

    shit son how many ounces is that!

  7. Excidium567 says:

    If your interested in getting more silver for less money you can’t go wrong with silver snowball, I’ve been doing it for just 3 months and this month I received 6 silver eagle coins for just $42.50 US, that includes shipping all the way from the states to me in New Zealand.Alreadly had 2 more sign ups this month so I’ll be getting 7 silver ealges next month for the same price : )If anyone’s interested click on my username to see my vid’s on how you can get started.

  8. EDWARDTAY55 says:

    yo yo jurkoff, check vid on “mike the chicken” He’d be your huckleberry from hell.

  9. ShillBasher says:

    Hey, you know.. I got you all wrong. I ve realised that I judged you too harshly and am willing to take it all back. You do seem like a really nice guy underneath all that bitterness/ anger and hate for the world and anyone who lives in it. Pop in next time your passing through England and I’ll make you a nice cup of SHUT YOUR DAMN STUPID MOUTH and a slice of cake.

  10. JurkoffJay says:

    That one was a little better, but you went to heavy on the sarcasm in the beginning. I knew you where bullshit right from the start.”A nice cup of SHUT YOUR DAMN STUPID MOUTH”? Hahaha! You’re so fuckin lame! Hahaha!

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