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8 Ggxxs Sol Vs Sol Gold

Guilty Gear XX Slash Match
Difficulty: Maniac
(Human Player)Sol Vs Sol Gold

1)Sol recovers health so he’s one of the toughest opponents;
2)In order to get Sol Gold you need to repeat this f. . .

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  1. LMAOWNAGE says:

    Awesome – I can never beat gold sol on practically any difficulty XD

  2. ReiKusanagi says:

    In GGX2 there was a super gold Sol (with even more damage and his gun flame was basically a free savage fang more or less); still he has infinite overdrive and is permanently dragon installed, boosting his damage to kinda insane levels and upping his speed to a high level. Then again this is the game’s producer’s avatar.

  3. EspadaMan says:


  4. cippyboy says:

    I was the normal Sol, not Sol Gold, WTF ?

  5. crimsondivide says:

    i think gold dizzy is harder

  6. cippyboy says:

    Did you beat the two to say that or your just guessing ?

  7. crimsondivide says:

    yea i beat them both

  8. TheFreeGearSOLBADGUY says:


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