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1 Thoughts On Investing In “casting Grains” Instead Of Coins (gold, Silver, Etc)?

is it a good idea or bad? i know coins are better for faster trade, but when it comes right down to it is an equal weight of . 999% pure gold, silver, platinum, or whatever just as good in the long run?
i just ask because sometimes a few grains is much easier to acquire. thankyou

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  1. raysor says:

    Of course you are right. The only problems are 1. How would you prove it was pure gold when you were selling?
    2. As long as when you are buying you are not paying any costs, as these would be comparitively expense on small amounts. Likewise if you wer selling small amounts to take a profit would the charges outweigh the gains?
    You could buy scrap electronic equipment which contain small amounts of gold (minute?) but you would need a lot of computers for example.
    As you say gold is gold and fortunately it does not degrade.

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