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10 Silver Coins – U.s. Coins: Using Silver Coins To Buy Food In An Economic Crisis

After viewing G4T’s video on silver exchange for food. I thought that I would go into more detail showing an example with small weight silver coinage. I have in my past SouthernLibertyAmer videos t. . .

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  1. veritasfiles says:

    Wow! Great video! This really did help explain the practical realities of how we should buy and expect to use silver coinage in the future. I especially appreciated the fact that you pointed out the different weights our coins can have based on things like wear. Thanks for doing this video. I haven’t checked out your other videos yet, but I will. I hope you’ll do more of these informative videos for the times we’re in today. Silver is going to be king soon.

  2. billyboy2674 says:

    viewed.more great information thanks to Mike and his research.I was wondering how much silver is in one of those pre-64 dimes.I recently bought generic rounds as low as 1 gram 1/10th of an ounce etc and I was wondering which had more amount of silver in them,the dimes or these generic fine silver rounds.Needless to say,another 5 star video.

  3. micollision says:

    viewed and rated 5

  4. ForTehNguyen says:

    just a pet peeve of mine you should either display cents as $.45 or 45 cents, not .45 cents otherwise thats .45 of a cent 😉

  5. WhyMeWhySilver says:

    LOL! OK….but you’re right! 45cents from now on :>)

  6. stermr says:

    So it really works then 🙂 Nice!

  7. stermr says:

    Do stores have clercs that understand about silver coins and the value behing them? Do they have weights to scales? Just two thoughts that i got when i viewed the video. Gog bless America and you Mike!

  8. WhyMeWhySilver says:

    Check this video out stermr……….Grocery Stores Begin To Accept Silver!!! – George4title Account SuspendedAlthough the title insinuates that George lost his account because of this video, that’s not true.

  9. eileenmarie11 says:

    Mike, You are the best info on silver that I have seen to date for the lay person (non Tech in silver). I have found a home! God bless you too!

  10. WhyMeWhySilver says:

    It’s comments such as your’s that make it fun to do these videos. Thank you eileenmarie for positive comments you’ve made on my video’s. :>)

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