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3 Wheres The Best Place To Get The Cash For Your Gold?

As surely everyone in the article on the $ 1.000 ounces read. f? r gold? berpr? fte I cash4gold. COM and they say they only pay $ 15. 6 (dwt) f? R 5-10oz. gold. what is it about? hr? I have a pure 24kt. Gold. 999 neclace, 24 "in L? Length and weighs 60 8 grams Am I to be so to just think big, $ 15 f? R the cash4gold get? Worthless. I bought the f? R $ 800 1998

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  1. katie says:

    You can go into the vietnamese jewerly store to sell your gold. They will pay you good.

  2. Boss Lady says:

    Hi, I will offer you $375 to $410 for your necklace. If you will accept my offer I will send you the money through paypal. So please contact me at to let me know what you think.

  3. paul m says:

    dwt is an stands for pennyweight. 20 dwt equals 1 ounce. at 15.36 dwt 1 ounce would eqaul $307.20. i would say that sounds like a scam because gold is up to $1000 an ounce. i would try a place that buys scrap metals. im sure you can find a local place call and see if they take gold and if so what they pay good luck.

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