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3 Is £2120 A Good Price For 100g Of Gold Bullion?

thinking of buying some gold.
This is . 999 purity 24k gold bullion
any advice also appreciated

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  1. Jaminio says:

    Gold is currently priced at $791.80 per Troy Oz. There are 3.215 troy oz in 100g. That makes your 100g worth $2545 or £1705.65. If you want gold there are several things to think about. Do you want to have physical gold in your hand or are you betting on the value of gold as an investment and/or inflation hedge? If you want the first option then you’re going to have to be willing to spend around £1m to make it economical as there are holding and storage charges to think about. If you want it as an investment then you will be better off with an Ishare COMEX Gold trust or equivalent. Also, most analysts expect gold to fall to around $650 per Oz so you may want to wait a bit before buying. Last point, be very careful who you buy gold off as there are more scam artists then there are bona fide sellers.

  2. Steve M says:

    No, it’s not. Baird & Co of Hatton Garden, London, publish up to the minute prices for coins and gold bars (large and small) on their website which is
    As of Friday evening’s close of the gold market, they were offering 100gram bars of .9999 gold at £1,833.25 so you would be paying £287 over the odds!
    You can buy from the website and have the bar posted to you by Special Delivery (Registered) for about £6

  3. carpet28 says:

    sure, maybe the gold price is little bit expensive, but, if i tell u, if within 60 month, if gold price growing to £21200 for 100g, so, can u tell me, with one price is more cheap n expensive. just invest how much u have, only way can take profit when finance crisis

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