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10 Us Dollar Vs Gold/silver Part 2/2

Trends in the dollar index against gold and silver. Investments of ideas, before future inflation to maintain or gain. Link to Video 1: http://www. youtube. COM / Watchet. You can set the price for USA D. check.

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  1. HealthyNactive says:

    Hey guys, lets keep it clean here please. Lets keep the guns out of the conversation as I am just evaluating the USD vs Precious metals.

  2. micollision says:

    you know people are NOT interested in killing outher people, we are into protecting our family and our property…WHAT AN ASSHOLE THING TO SAY TAD

  3. 1mealperday says:

    in oregon local coin shops have it in stock. thanks for posting. good vid for the times

  4. brodudemonkey says:

    Check out APMEX, its much cheaper and very fast.

  5. HealthyNactive says:

    Hey Tad, it would be pretty scary if the US Dollar failed within months! I’ve heard some people say that it will go down to 40 from where it is currently. Hmm, guess that will make Silver go for around $50 an ounce… =}I’ve also heard one person say to store ammo as people will pay a lot more for it when there is none on the shelves… Guess it is like an investment in a way… Best of luck!

  6. HealthyNactive says:

    Yes, diversification if good, just make sure that your in solid investments. Just keep your eye on the US Dollar Index and the precious metals markets…

  7. bikerdude12321 says:

    interesting. I didn’t know that the US dollar was depreciating so much. Though I think precious metals should be part of a diversified portfolio. one should not invest solely in gold and silver.

  8. TadRapidly says:

    The U.S dolar has depreciated 97% in 80 years. The U.S. dollar is Fiat currency and like EVERY other fiat, it will FAIL. We’re probably MONTHS, not years, from that happening. Food, water, some cash, and precious metals shoulod round out your cache. Some people say guns and ammo too but I’m not into killing people.

  9. micollision says:

    guns and ammo !!! are you into protecting your family ?

  10. TadRapidly says:

    I have a Smith 586 and ammo but nobody is going to get shot. I’m single, family is in another state.

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