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9 Fable 9999999 Gold Glitch (also Read Discription)

First of all: i’m really sorry about the flashy/crappie quality

How it works: Get the quest of twinblade, when you reach the gambler, play his game, you get the bandit pass, and now Hero save.
Now. . .

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  1. jeesseess says:

    hes doing it on pc dumbass

  2. mike2brown2 says:

    surpisingly ive seen worse quality

  3. jiroxy2 says:

    does this work for pc only cause i tryed it on the xbox 360 marketplace version and it didnt work

  4. bonfire302 says:

    btw i can only say to the uploader : good job man , with big BUT : dont glitch games cuz they get really boring , trust me . But its your chose soooooo do what u want ^^

  5. didaka4ever says:

    who the fuck is bob?YOU?are u bob?i bet you are bob

  6. UltramanTiga333 says:

    wtf fu ck tart

  7. koolkat33333 says:


  8. ownmageBack says:

    welllll…. cant i jest hold my breath for 2 minutes? i can do that!

  9. belovedmatt says:

    ?? wtf has thaht to do with the game??nice that you can do it though, never know when you’ll need it

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