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1 Seeking Purchase/selling Gold/silver Bars? Low Cost Commission And Reputable.?

The dealer/broker should be in the U. S. A. Additionally a web address would also be preferred.
Iam looking for . 999 pure silver in 100 oz. bars, . 999 1 oz. gold bullion rounds.

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  1. bob shark says:

    Do you understand the concept for investing in precious metals?
    You invest in the actual metal as an insurance policy in case the financial end of the world comes
    You invest in precious metals company shares if you want to make money on the increase of the metals value.
    If your silver increases by 100% ($13), after commission, buying & selling you will make $3/ounce
    if you bought the same dollar amount in producing company silver stock, your stock would probably go up 300% +
    If you bought gold ounces $650 US ea + commision $20 and gold went up $100 your 1 ounce would return you a profit of $60
    the same money invested in a non hedged gold producer would probably return a 200%-300% Profit.
    There are lots of bullion sellers, but re-think why you want the metal.
    Oh , and by the way, I just sold $550,000 worth of gold stock because I think gold and silver is going down in short term by about $70 for gold, silver I don’t follow.
    I will re-buy later this year at a lower price.

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