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2 Problem Facing With Shipment To Nigeria When I Send A Pure Gold Of Mmc Watch,how You Help From Your Side?

The Paypal and ebay says there is a solution to send a item by Courrier particularly to Nigeria,which courrier accepts 999. 9 pure gold watch suggest me so want to proceed and genuinity of buyer give correct guidance. Thankyou

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  1. Muga Wa Kabbz says:

    If I were you, I wouldn’t ship to Nigeria. It’s one of the most corrupt nations and even if you were able to ship the item, your customer may not receive it because some crooked people at their customs office or postal services may intercept it and keep it for themselves.

  2. fire462 says:

    999.9 pure gold?????? you should have tried to make your question a little bit more beleivable you idiot. I suppose you have $20,000,000 to deposit in someones bank account as well. I suppose you will get some sucker.

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