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2 I Have 5 Limited Edition Collectors Series Coins, .999 Fine Silver. Any Idea How Much They Are Worth?

These M? Nzen is fond of casino black B? Ren of Dulac. Each M? NZE is an illustration of wild animals stamped. R? Countries test gold leaf. They were adopted and worth $ 10 00 per at the time won (1997). Each M? NZE is a Plastic Case Management.

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  1. silverpe says:

    Most of these casino silver rounds, whether or not they were made for collectors or for gambling, are worth only for their silver content. There’re just not enough demand for collectibles of such kind. Many limited edition pure silver medallions, like those manufactured by Franklin Mint for example, don’t have a secondary market and most collectors who bought them at premium issue prices ended up losing money when they sell. If you intend to sell you silvers, then I suggest you auction them off at either eBay or Yahoo Auctions, or sell it to a collector. Because if you bring them to a dealer or silversmith, you’ll be paid only the bullion value minus a few bucks per piece; so-called “processing fee”.
    Silver 1 oz is currently $12.75, dropped from about $14 a few days ago. Not a good time to sell in my opinion.

  2. chimneyg says:

    As of Friday afternoon they were worth their silver value of $12.72 per one ounce coin. Unless you could find someone who collects this type of thing. I’d say the chances were very slim. Call all the coin dealers in your area and ask them what they pay for bulk silver. this is a great time to sell them. Prices are high.

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