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2 Buying Bullion, Silver, Gold. 100oz. Bars Pure. Need Help In Calif, Nevada, To Locate Or Get A Url With Links.

I lie in Nord-/zentralem Calif. Now, that looks to provide a high quality SCHMELZER, buy / sell gold, silver Edemetallbarren locate in 100oz. Rods. 999. Smelter would be enabled / sell, bid and buy or price, NYSE, or to order XAU Index, current prices point to ask.

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  1. ©2009 says:

    If you are in the market to buy and sell 100 troy ounce gold bars you need to do much more research than on this forum. Start with a google search for gold brokers.
    Here are a couple of good links.…
    Good Luck

  2. byebye says:

    You might try They sell a large range of denominations. Not sure about 100 oz. they are close to spot as well. Frankly, I’d buy and hold the gold. If you’re astute enough to be thinking about an acquisition strategy, then I don’t have to tell you why its a good idea !

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