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7 Heavy Bracelet Made Of 24k Gold

http://stores. ebay. com. sg/A. . .
http://vincentyeo88. blogspo. . .
~*~SOLD ON MARCH 14~*~
This bracelet weighs exactly 62. 20 grams or two troy ounces.

The price of gold on March 14 was US$995 per troy . . .

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  1. vincentyeo88 says:

    it has already been sold to a willing buyer when the price of gold was over US$900 per troy ounce.

  2. Skywise1 says:

    Mines bigger than yours! I’ve got a 4 ounce solid gold 99.9% bracelet….

  3. vincentyeo88 says:

    oh yeah? you have been on YouTube since 2006 and have not released even a single video for sharing.why don’t you shoot a video clip of your heavyweight bracelet for viewers to check it out?

  4. tcmitton says:

    I don’t like your gold vid becuse it seems your using this for e bay purposes.ANd No I have no gold like that but did have a 99.9 proof ounce coin and sold when only trading 400 per ounce.(9 yrs aprx) Dumb. Dumb. THen again look at inflationary cost of lving over the last 10 years. I say well, you need that extra 600$ to compensate gas prices tha way there where when you sold yours , just feel a bit better Euros are the real gold of today, much harder to manipulate then gold or dollar

  5. vincentyeo88 says:

    my videos are meant to entertain my friends and eBay customers, but any viewer is welcome to watch provided he or she does not leave any offensive or abusive sell any gold item whenever you need the money at whatever price, no regrets. you just get lucky when you sell at a high price, at the peak of speculation.

  6. tcmitton says:

    OH ok thats alright I guess. I shouldn’t say much. I use youtube as a branch to my recreationial dealings on other sites aswell. I design historical computer sims and use this place to show fansite members how it looks real time. I still feel bad for not saving my gold. Mostly because it was a relitive who bought it from the Cdn mint in the 60’s hoping for a good deal and yet he died and then I come along and sell it only a decade before massive influx? Its Saddening but thanks for comfort.

  7. vincentyeo88 says:

    try not to attach too much sentimental feeling to any item before you sell it. if not, then don’t sell it.after you have done selling, drop all sentimental baggage from it. in that way, you will feel better.have a great New Year.

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